Smells Like PR Chemical X Smelling Salt 40 Gramm

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Take a whiff, feel the rush, and unleash your inner demons with the Chemical X from SMELLS LiKE PR! Used by athletes such as powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders, and boxers our smelling salts are specially formulated to always provide you with a jolt of energy, strength, and confidence just before a lift. Taking the original ammonia salt formulation to new heights, one whiff of Chemical X will boost your blood circulation. We deliver this powerful smelling salt in an air-tight bottle to retain its potency. To ‘activate’ it, add 3,5 ml of water (use Pasteur pipette) into the bottle, close the bottle and shake it for 30 seconds. Powerful smell Improves blood circulation Gives you a boost before lifts Awakens your senses The package includes a Pasteur pipette for activation Indulge in a feeling of invincibility with SMELLS LiKE PR Chemical X. Order yours today

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