Smells Like PR Bubble Gum Madness Smelling Salt Ammoniak 40Gramm

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Give your body that extra oomph it needs before a lift! What’s been missing from your workout or lifting routine? Maybe it’s the boost of energy or the confidence you need to push through. We all know that there is no better way to get pumped up on a run than a swift hit of Bubble Gum Madness from SMELLS LiKE PR. The bubble gum flavored ammonia salt exudes a strong aroma that instantly awakens your senses, increases energy, and stimulates adrenaline. Boasting a long-lasting intense scent, our bubble gum flavored ammonia salt is a must-have for every powerlifter, strongman, bodybuilder, and weightlifter! Powerful smell Improves blood circulation Gives you a boost before lifts Awakens your senses The package includes activation liquid Unleash your wild side with SMELLS LiKE PR Bubble Gum Madness. Order yours today!

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