PowerPush Single layer 3WhiteLights

Größe: Small
Härte: Hart
Sale price€39,99


The BenchPress PowerPush by 3WhiteLights!
Available in medium and hard resistance, this slingshot is designed to improve your bench press performance.

Made from high-quality materials, the Bench Press Slingshot has a durable construction made from the best materials that ensures a long service life. Its innovative design allows you to train with proper form while reducing the risk of injury.

The medium resistance is perfect for beginners and casual lifters, while the hard resistance is ideal for experienced lifters who want to challenge themselves. The Bench Press Slingshot offers a unique combination of support and resistance that allows you to maximize your training potential and increase your bench press count. Perfect for overload training!!

Overall, the 3WhiteLights BenchPress PowerPush is the ultimate tool for improving your bench press performance. Order today and take your bench press to the next level!

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